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Staying fit on board

Updated: Apr 28, 2018

One of my major concerns about living on our boat, was staying fit and in shape. I am a personal trainer, runner and triathlete but I knew that with my background, I could tackle the challenge.

I think for the most part, people who are concerned about staying in shape while cruising are those who were already involved in a healthy lifestyle prior to boat life. We are blessed to live in a warm climate and have the ability to choose between swimming, paddle boarding, surfing and diving/snorkeling to keep a cardio routine. But what about a strength training program? I had a private studio where space was limited and functional training was my forte. I love combined movements involving multiple groups of muscles. Why do just one thing when you can do many at the same time? You've heard the saying workout smarter and not harder...well this is how to do it. After all, who has hours on end to spend at the gym? You can get a full body workout in 30-45 minutes whether you are on land or above deck without huge gym machines. So, put on that string bikini, spray on some suntan lotion and follow this space... stay tuned for exercise tips and videos on board!

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