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About me...

I’m a 50-something (impossible because I still feel 16 on the inside!) blogger, personal trainer, wannabe writer and artist, life lover and adventurer

Impossibly impulsive with just the right amount of naughty, travel inspired and fitness fanatic, my philosophy is to live out loud and to the fullest!

Although American at heart, I was born and grew up in South Africa.  Inevitably, my lovely husband and I moved our family (2 girls, 2 dogs and cat) to Tampa Florida in 1997 and we love each and every day we get to live in the greatest country in the world.  I am a grandmother (self proclaimed Glammy) of two adorable boys and one very sweet little girl, who call me Meeme

I started Boat Babe as a place to share all things favorite; adventures and musings on everything from fitness on board, to food, style, design and how to live MORE by having LESS (the exception being shoes…yes, even on a boat)

2 years ago, I gave up my lucrative business and our gorgeous home on the bay (to our kids along with the furnishings) to follow our passion and live on the ocean and it has been the most rewarding and gratifying decision

People are always asking me how we did this,  how they too can experience their BEST life, living with passion and vitality…and so Boat Babe was born.  

When I’m not working out, running marathons or designing home interiors for our family real estate business, you will find me chasing grand babies, obsessing over fabulous shoes, perfectly cut jeans or the latest lip color.  Food is my medicine, being fit is my passion and loving all things beautiful (and perfectly organized) while living only with what we need and love, brings me joy

My motto:  Appreciate everything, postpone nothing!


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