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So not your regular store bought corn tortillas!

If you had to ask me a few years back what my least favorite cuisine is, I would have hurriedly told you; Mexican! A chain restaurant type meal comes to mind, with stodgy re fried beans with bland chips centered around a less than appetizing looking avocado mush. But, on a recent trip to Cancun to celebrate our anniversary, we discovered what authentic Mexican food actually tasted like and we were hooked!

The secret it seems, is in the homemade corn tortillas, the fresh crisp ingredients, like chopped tomato, onion, and parsley smashed together with freshly peeled garlic on a "just made by grandma" tortilla were tantalizing. Squeeze a fresh lime over it and its to die for! (Of course washed down with a fresh sangria or tequila shot lol)

We quickly decided that we would make our own tortillas on board instead of the plasticky store bought ones that all taste the same somehow? We had watched how they made them so quickly and effortlessly for us next to or table as we ate. We bought a press to seal the deal and ensure that we would make our own. Its so simple and they are so delicious, trust us, it's so worth it to make your own.

A simple mixture of corn masa and water results in the most wonderful corn tortillas you have ever tasted. Tip...use a cast iron pan so it doesn't ruin your regular non stick ones or make them right on your grill. You can buy masa in the ethnic food aisle of large supermarkets.


1 3/4 cups Masa

1 1/8 cups water

Pinch of salt

Mix the ingredients together to form a soft dough

Once you have a nice soft dough

you can split it into golf ball sizes or less,

ready to be pressed.

Wrap the press with cling wrap and place the ball to the top of the press for an even spread.

Toast on a cast iron skillet or on your grill, whichever you prefer. Add your toppings, a glass of sangria and gorgeous sunset....enjoy!

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