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Meet Happy Wife

Leaving the shores on our 1975, 53 ft Hatteras MY for our first trip out was nothing short of a fun, frantic, crazy, exciting and explosive moment.  It took us 7 weeks of 12 hour work days just for her interior remodel, which we did ourselves.  When we first bought our beautiful Happy Wife (Not love at first sight I might add) we knew we had our work cut out for ourselves. Our path together as a couple had changed dramatically and we were about to embark on our adventure of a lifetime.  Both being in the real estate remodeling business, we know how to look beyond the superficial and see the bigger picture.  This boat had great bones and after much searching we sensed that this lady would become ours and now the time had come...

Because I truly wanted a home on the water and wanted to make it feel like an apartment, we removed as many of the typical "boat features" and added design touches that made it feel like a home.  Lights in the kitchen, a headboard in our bedroom, curtains instead of blinds were some of the touches we used.  I had great fun choosing all the elements and finding places for every single thing onboard.  Here she is...the other (younger) woman in our lives!

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