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Live Well to Live More

Updated: May 24, 2018

What does living well mean to you? Does it mean a huge home, lavish spending sprees, the next “it” bag or expensive jewelry? It’s such a simple question, but one not many of us ask ourselves.

I’m not sure how you feel, but living well to me, is being able to enjoy your life with less stress and having the freedom to truly live and not just exist.

I feel that millennial's today have got it right. This generation, that we thought would destroy our future, is slowly but surely changing its path and I think its for the better. They are recognizing the mistakes that their parents have made and are not following along blindly, just because it has always been that way.

This free thinking has brought about a minimalist attitude which is spreading like wildfire and I love it! Having less, is so much more. People aren’t just buying “stuff” for the sake of it anymore. In America at least, the general consensus is the more “stuff” you have, the more wealthy you must be,…right?!

Malls are dying, coffee shops are now offices (or a boat in our case :-) and the world is a much smaller place as technology connects us all on a daily basis.

We spend so much of our time at work, most of us blindly unfulfilled, while we buy more stuff that keeps us tied to that job into retirement and beyond.

This is why I love creating a vision board (see a previous post) The purpose of the board in my case, is to set the intention for my life.

Moving onto our boat and giving up our possessions has given me so much clarity. Suddenly, the things that are most important are glaringly simple. Time with Shaun, my girls, my grandchildren and the FREEDOM to travel! Although maintaining a motor yacht is certainly not inexpensive, it’s cost far outweighs the benefits of owning a beautiful home on land, with time and travel being the most valuable benefit to us.

Experiences have become our true wealth. It is something no-one can ever take away from us.

I love the quote that says, travel is only thing you can spend your money on that makes you richer. Think back to something to you have done in your life that brings you absolute joy and excitement and I can almost guarantee you, that’s it’s not tied to a “thing” you bought.

Every now and then I do contemplate my eventual demise, not morbidly, but to bring focus back into my life. With the exception of a good shoe, it’s the time spent with my beautiful family and friends that will count when that moment arrives... a life LIVED, not SPENT, as well as helping those along the way in any small way I would have been able too.

Of course living in wellness is right up there for me! Without our health we have nothing and it truly is our greatest wealth. I always used to say to my clients; If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?

In short, we have found the life we want under everything we used to own, and you can too! Letting it go…being free and living simply has been the key for Shaun and I.

You are not what you own!


DECIDE what you want and where you want to be in the future…be honest!

Start to DECLUTTER your home right now: you can give to charities, you can sell your stuff, give to family: donate donate donate

Declutter your life: That includes toxic relationships and unnecessary time stealers

Declutter your emotions: Those “things” of sentiment that you’re holding onto as if they are the people who gave them to you. Keep only what is absolutely loved or necessary

Declutter your wallet: Keep one credit card and pay off debt as fast as you can

Declutter you grocery cupboard: Keep clean, fresh, whole foods..they’re all you need

Declutter screen time: Cut TV time, play outdoors and take time to bask in the sunshine

Declutter your calendar: Make time to move a little each day! Remember this… your body uses calories for EVERYTHING it does. Exercise is cumulative and does not have to be completed at one time. You HAVE time - 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there, just do it with one caveat: ENJOY!!

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