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Updated: Jan 18, 2019

As Floridians, we can look forward to these precious sunny months without the humidity through winter and spring. I know we all think about spending time outdoors on our patios and in our gardens and living on board is no exception. So grab your sunnies and an ice cold cocktail!

A well-designed outdoor living space on a boat means being able to enjoy it regardless of the season’s unpredictable weather changes. We have a bimini over the deck and we had net sides made that put up during our summer rainy season. It also cools the space by at least 10 degrees because of the ventilation it provides. I also found small 2 seat dining table where the chairs fit underneath it when not in use and it works perfectly for us so that we can dine alfresco whenever we want to.

You don’t have to have sprawling spaces to have an amazing outdoor space. Our “patio” as I like to call it, is only about 150 sq. ft. but we managed to fit a lounge area with modular lounge seating, colorful throw cushions in weather-resistant fabric, a dining area, 2 sun-beds and of course, my beautiful outdoor tub and Shaun still has space to captain the boat perfectly. This space has become our favorite.

I keep plant containers up on the sides of the boat so we don’t have to worry about them sliding around or falling over. I sit up here on all our trips… we eat, listen to music and the dining table also doubles as an outdoor office when we need it.

We also have the area on the bow of the boat that we had padded cushioned mats made for. When we are out, this is a great place to bask in the sun, read a book or take a nap.

Here I added a long skinny table for drinks and food at the seating area. When Shaun is grilling, you will find me sitting here with a glass of wine so that we can chat.

It’s a really great space on our Happy Wife which we use mainly when we are out. I also use this space to workout or do some yoga on the mat.

Fresh air is always therapeutic, physically and mentally and being surrounded by the ocean too is just something I never take for granted. There are so many lessons I’ve learned since living on board. One of the main ones, is that less truly is more. I weigh every single purchase I make for our boat. Do we really need it? Will it fit our lifestyle? Does it bring me joy? Maybe this post will give you motivation to work on your outdoor space at home, wherever that may be!?

Now that you're on board (excuse the pun lol) to create an outdoor space that makes you feel good and live better, pull up a chair and let’s toast to all the fabulous moments you will get to enjoy in your space too!

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Dorraine Dee Fawcett
Dorraine Dee Fawcett
Jan 23, 2019

Yes! I love this! This is inspiring me now to create a feel good space on our balcony ❤️👍


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