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And here's the Happy Life Cocktail

I think any manly cocktail should be served in a chalice of some sort, so our Happy Life one is made in a copper mug. Aaarggg!

I have my Boat Babe cocktail and so it was only fitting to have a Happy Life one too. (Happy Life is the name of our tender)

The ingredients you will need for Shaun's take on a Moscow mule is:

Spiced Rum

Margarita mix

Ginger beer


Soda water


Begin by adding ice to your cup

Add a shot (or 2 :-) of rum

Add margarita mix to your taste

Ginger beer is next to 2/3 full

Fill to top with soda water and a dash of lime with a slice too

Lastly, the most important part, is to sip and enjoy it with someone you love and with a sunset of your choosing!

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