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Breakfast in Bed :-)

Honestly, who doesn’t love a slow, lazy, chatty breakfast in bed with their significant other? There’s something so yummy about waking up late and staying in before heading out into the rushing world outside. Pictures of white bathrobes, newspapers, champagne and intertwined toes come to mind and on board it is no different. (Of course we feel it’s even better with the boat gently rocking in the ocean breeze, open space and beautiful views that surround us)

Because I wanted to make our breakfast romantic, I used a heart theme for mine to serve to Shaun. You can choose so many different things for breakfast from stuffed french toast to eggs and polenta as examples. I chose a quick simple, clean option.

I usually make a calorie packed protein, vegetable, and fruit smoothie in the mornings for our breakfast so we do not eat like this very often... so when we do, it’s nice to make it special.

Of course, if you are going to serve this in bed, be sure to start with a good, sturdy folding tray. I bought an Ikea one so that it can be folded and stashed away in our hold along with our picnic basket etc.

Such a great way to start a beautiful weekend day! Bon appetit xxx

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