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Bring the outdoors in... Decorating with natural elements

When we bought our boat, I wanted to make sure I could make it a home on the water. In our beautiful pre-boat home in South Tampa, I used organic elements like wood and earthly elements throughout our house. I am fortunate to have a beautiful best friend who also happens to be an incredible designer, Christy Mcgeachy, (Nest Designs) who helped me to find my own design style. Being on the water, the appeal of natural living is simply a perfect fit! Sometimes simple is really worth celebrating!

I love stones and collect them from all our travels

I used a hollowed out tree trunk for our dining room table and added a platform with stones to fill it. It serves as a great area to show little keepsakes from friends and trips

I love a mason jar, that's for sure! Adding shells to into the hand soap just makes them even better! The stone that holds the soap in our shower comes from Antibes, our favorite village in France and the scallop shell comes from the food market in Barcelona

Grass, wicker, wood and printed pillows add texture and tone into a room effortlessly

Rope, burlap and tin...a perfect trio in any design

I have so loved filling our home on the water with earthy elements that make us feel connected to our beautiful planet though our travels. They are a lovely reminder to us each and every day.

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