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When life gives you limes, make Mojito's!

Updated: May 3, 2018

My husband makes the best Mojito's by far, hands down! We've just returned from Cuba and his are on par with the real deal. What better, than to go to your own little on board garden, pick a few leaves for mulling, and then sit down to soak up the sunset with your refreshing cocktail. Here's how he makes them to perfection:


Mint (freshly picked)


Brown granulated sugar (we use the Sugar in the Raw brand)

Soda Water (or seltzer if you prefer)

Plenty of ice

Paper straw (no plastic straws for our ocean life please!)


In a mason jar, add slices of lime and a few fresh mint leaves (we grow ours onboard).

Add two to three teaspoons of sugar (we use Sugar in the raw)

Mull the lime, mint leaves and sugar together well so that it all breaks up giving it it's fabulous fresh taste

We use this rum from Cuba, but you can choose any brand of your choice

Add lots of ice ( we don't use crushed ice as it melts too fast, diluting the cocktail)

Pour in rum to taste decide. In Cuba, they actually put the Rum bottle in the middle of the table and you add your own, refilling it throughout the drink lol

Top up with Club soda or seltzer water, whichever you prefer and stir it up

Add a straw and garnish to suit. Now sit back, put you feet up and watch that sunset roll in with the best Mojito ever! :-) Thanks Shaun!

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