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This beautiful drink is called the Boat Babe Bombshell

We can make classic cocktails competently enough and Shaun's ability to crack open a beer or a bottle of wine...unrivaled. But those are ordinary drinks. What about our own signature drink? One we could call our own. Maybe literally... because you named it after yourself?

We just HAD to come up with a beautiful, feminine signature cocktail onboard for Boat Babe. After trying several recipes (perhaps to my detriment) I settled on this pretty lavender infused one to raise a glass to.

The Boat Babe Bombshell

We wanted something fresh and not seasonal, one that can sipped on year round in our beautiful summer climate. Lavender reminds me of our many trips to France and the mint also grows in bushels by the roadside there too. Blueberries are the perfect antioxidant (tongue in cheek for that one lol) and a splash of soda water for the bubbles and a little hydration. Plus, it's so easy to make! Here's what you'll need:

4 pumps of Lavender syrup (I ordered mine on amazon) you can make your own too

1 shot of Gin (I like Tanqueray)

Dash of lemon

Soda water



We love this syrup from France

Add 4 pumps of lavender syrup into a shaker over ice

Add your shot of Gin (measured?..of course! lol)

Mix with Lavender and ice

Shake and pour

Add Soda water and a squeeze of lemon. It really takes just the right amount to counteract the sweetness

Garnish as you wish!

And enjoy!!'s like a little present you give to yourself :-)

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Boat Babe
Boat Babe
May 09, 2019

It truly is Dorraine ☺️ Thx 🙌🏻😀


Dorraine Dee Fawcett
Dorraine Dee Fawcett
May 09, 2019

It looks delish!!


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