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Have Tea and let it be

Although American and we do love our coffee (Starbucks exists solely for me I’m sure) the ol’ British South African in us still loves our cuppa tea.

Now when we say tea, we don’t like to just make a mug of it and watch tv or drive around with drink in hand. Tea is a ritual if you come from South Africa or England…South Africa used to be a British colony and so we grew up with a lot of the same traditions.

There are so many types of tea, but we love our Rooibos tea over them all.

The rooibos plant is grown in the Western Cape of South Africa. Rooibos is the Afrikaans word for "red bush," and locals also call the tea "bush tea.” Not only is it delicious and healthy, but it contains no calories, colorants, additives, preservatives or caffeine, and in South Africa we even give it to our babies in their bottles

We love to boil a kettle, fill a beautiful teapot and serve our tea on a pretty tray with something yummy to eat. It goes without saying that cream and sugar are served in special containers too. Having a limited amount of space on board means having to choose every piece of china we keep with care.

We bought these teacups on a trip to Paris and I just loved them! They are so dainty and whimsical and there's just something about sitting down to a served tea together. It’s even more beautiful and peaceful on the water… no matter where we are on the map!

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