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Boat Babe Baths

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than a hot bath. Well at least, that’s how I feel!

I don’t think I’ve met a single woman who doesn’t love to relax, soak in the tub and just unwind…with a glass of wine of course!

We all know that they help relieve stress, are great for skin health, calm sore muscles, and are just relaxing overall, but I think that mine is especially special, in that I can enjoy the outdoors at the same time as appreciating the changing scenery along with it!

We get a lot of finger pointing, giggles. thumbs up, photographs taken and even some envious stares I believe from those that have been sailing in small sailboats without water to take showers! Some have even offered to pay for a turn which is always funny.

It was a tongue in cheek requirement when we decided to live on board and search for our motor yacht. I had only 2 requirements; a regular bed and a tub. Well let’s just say I got everything I wanted…hence the naming of our boat; Happy Wife

Baths are luxurious on their own but with bath salts, bath bombs, oils, fragrances, and more, you can make bath time even more amazing.

I love lounging in the tub, and when I do get a chance to do this, I like to make it a special occasion..every time! I use bath oil or bath salts or bath bomb, light a candle if it’s not too windy or just listen to music. It’s a perfect time to add a face mask, shave or wash my hair too. I just love it.

Most times, Shaun will be up on the helm with me and we chat away until the it’s his turn to get in. Yes, he has been known to enjoy a few baths too. He almost always gets in after me.

Being on board, water is scarce as you may wonder, especially if you are going to be out for a length of time. It uses twice the amount of water a quick shower. Shaun installing the water maker for the times we are out was genius because now we just make water on the go wherever and whenever we need it. Thank you ocean!

My guess is that you love your bath time too… if not, it may be time to rethink and upgrade the way you take this special time to relax, just for you! Cheers :-)

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