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Make a beachy Tic Tac Toe

On our recent trip to Greece, I found all these beautiful flat white stones on a beach right in front of our boutique hotel in Paros. I decided to bring 9 of them home to make a tic tac toe game for our happy wife. I had such fun collecting them and its such a great souvenir, a gift as it were, right from the ocean to us. This is another great way to use something organic from a trip without it just being an ornament on a shelf for example.

We made sure to put these into our checked luggage as we learned from previous trips, that rocks in hand luggage get taken away from you as they can be used as a weapon. Who knew?! (shrugged shoulders with hands up in the air lol) I had such fun making this little game that now has a special meaning to us. I made this one on a small drawstring bag so that the pieces can be placed inside ready to take to the beach, the park, or picnic!

I used acrylic paint on the rock and fabric. I chose to use our Happy Wife color and keep it nice and neutral but you can make them colorful too. I bought the little bags on amazon and they were very reasonable.

If you are using white stone, test your paint thickness and brush size first to see what you like before using it on our rocks as they are porous and take on the color right away.

You can use a wooden base or any other to put your stones onto if you'd like to keep the game out. I loved using a bag as it's so easily portable for us whether walking, cycling or heading out on the dingy

I used a matte spray sealant on the stones to keep the paint from peeling off.

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